Erasmusprojekt  2015 – 2017

The title of the project is C.O.N.T.E.ST. – meeting the Challenge Of iNclusion Through music and TrainEd STaff

I will be a two-years project, starting from 01st September 2015 to 31st August 2017. The first year will be focused on training of teachers to make them able to face the challenge of inclusion: thus we look for partners who have something to say in the field of inclusion (methodologies used to include disabled students, but also fewer opportunities students as for example students with educational difficulties or with migrant background) in order to organize 2 joint staff training events, one in February 2016 and the other one in October 2016. We would like to learn how to include with music, first of all, but also through other tools such as art, theatre etc. In our school we have a project about music therapy for very serious disabled students. Teachers participating in these training will come from different backgrounds and will involve all basic subjects (Maths, Science, Literature, Foreign Languages) and will be 4 per each training event.

The second year will  be focused on students: we will start integrate the methodologies we have learnt during the first year and organizing multi-displinary activities related to music during lessons. For example, during Science lessons we will study sound waves and the functioning of the auditory apparatus, during Literature lessons we will study texts of very famous songs, during English/French lessons we will compose a song in English/French etc, during music lessons we can compose the music for the song we have invented during English/French lessons. Students involved in the activities and in mobility are 24: 4 very good students, 8 normal students, 8 with educational difficulties and 4 disabled.




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